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β-NMN Powder

Product parameters
Product Name: β-NMN Powder
CAS No.: 1094-61-7
Molecular Formula: C11H15N2O8P
Molecular weight: 334.22
Applications: Nutrition, Food and Pharma
Assay: 99.5%
Packing Sizes: 100g, 500g, 1kg, 20kg
MOQ: 100g
Description Typical COA 3rd Test Report NMN Capsule OEM/ODM
NMN is the most direct precursor of NAD +, and its function is embodied by NAD +. NAD + also known as coenzyme I, full name nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, exists in every cell and participates in thousands of reactions. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) plays an important role in a variety of cell metabolic reactions, which is an important support for cell viability.

The decline of NAD during aging is considered to be the main cause of diseases and disabilities, such as hearing and vision loss, cognitive and motor dysfunction, immune deficiency, arthritis, metabolic disorders and cardiovascular diseases caused by autoimmune inflammatory reaction imbalance. Therefore, NMN supplementation can increase the content of NAD + in the body, thus delaying, improving and preventing aging related phenotypes, or age-induced metabolic disorders and senile diseases.

Typical COA
Test Items Specifications Results
Appearance White to off white powder White to off white powder
Appearance of solution Clear and colorless Clear and colorless
pH value of solution 3-4 3.79
Purity (HPLC)  98.0% 99.57%
Chlorides  200 ppm Complied
Sulfates  300 ppm Complied
Arsenic  1 ppm Complied
Heavy metals  10 ppm Complied
Residual solvents (Ethanol)  500 ppm Complied
Loss on drying  1% 0.277%
Bulk density 0.15-0.60 g/ml 0.5122 g/ml
Aerobic bacterial count 3*104 CFU/g <1000 CFU/g
Coliform bacteria 0.92 MPN/g <0.45 MPN/g
Molds and yeasts 50 CFU/g < 25 CFU/g
Staphylococcus aureus 0/25 g Complied
Assay 98.0% to 102.0% 99.6%
Third-party Assay Test Report
In addition to supplying NMN directly to our customers in the form of powder, we can also process our NMN into capsules, and can customize:
NMN3000 (each capsule contains 50mg of NMN, each bottle contains 60 Capsules),
NMN6000 (each capsule contains 100mg of NMN, each bottle contains 60 Capsules),
NMN 7500 (each capsule contains 125mg NMN, each bottle contains 60 Capsules),
NMN 9000 (each capsule contains 150 mg NMN, each bottle contains 60 Capsules),
NMN 9600 (each capsule contains 160 mg NMN, each bottle contains 60 Capsules),
NMN 12000 (each capsule contains 200 mg NMN, each bottle contains 60 Capsules),
NMN 15000 (each capsule contains 250 mg NMN, each bottle contains 60 capsules),
NMN 18000 (each capsule contains 3000 mg NMN, 60 capsules per bottle) ;
and many other different models.